Friday, December 4, 2009

Oracle Metalink is dead-long live Oracle support!

After years of wandering, Oracle has finished it with newest version of Oracle Metalink...pardon Oracle Support. Many of us has different opinions about this version, but have to admit that this is what we have to live with in the future. There are many changes and here they are in brief topics which I use as quick FAQ.

Q: Why am I unable to login to My Oracle Support?

As part of the upgrade and migration to My Oracle Support users may experience login issues if they have not verified or created your Oracle Single Sign-On (SSO) account. Users who logged into Classic MetaLink / My Oracle Support before the upgrade were prompted to verify that they had an SSO account or create a new one.
If users do not have or do not know if they have an SSO account, follow the instructions in the My Oracle Support - Registration FAQ for creating/verifying the SSO account. If creating a new account, the user will go through a re-registration process. During re-registration make sure that the new SSO email address is the same as the user's Classic MetaLink email address. This will ensure they continue to have the same CSIs in your profile and visibility to Service Requests as prior to the upgrade. Please pass along the link above to your colleagues if they are having issues logging in.

Q: After verifying that I have an SSO account, I receive an error when resetting my password saying that the username does not exist, what should I do?

If after verifying that your email address has an SSO account, the Password Finder tool gives you a message indicating that the username does not exist please call Global Customer Support and select the non-technical option. Indicate that when you verified your account your username already existed, but when you reset your password your username did not exist.

Q: What should I do if I have an SSO account but am still receiving an error when trying to log in to My Oracle Support?

Some users may receive a "LoginId and Email don't match", "CallCenterError", "NoSuchUserException", or "An internal error has occurred" message when logging in to My Oracle Support. Please call Global Customer Support and select the non-technical option, and specify the error code to the support representative to enable your account.

Q: What should I do if I see an "Email changing in progress" message when logging in?

Your registration, email change or password change is in progress. If you receive this message for more than 10 minutes, you may need to call Global Customer Support for assistance.

Q: What should I do if my account does not have all my Support Identifiers (CSIs) associated to it and I cannot view my Service Requests?

You can add missing Support Identifiers back to your to profile by clicking More > Settings in the tab menu, then following these instructions:
1. Under the More tab, select Account & Privileges from the Settings area.
2. The Account & Privileges area appears populated with your account information.
3. Enter the Support ID that you want to add in the Type Support Identifier box.
4. Click Send Request.
5. Click Save.
After the Support Identifier has been approved by your Customer User Administrator you will be able to view the Service Requests associated to it.

Q: What should I do if I see application and timeout errors when using My Oracle Support?

Some users are seeing application errors, such as 2032 and 7668277 errors, and timeout errors. Oracle is triaging these for root cause and solution. If you encounter one of these errors, please report it to Oracle Global Customer Support by using the Contact Us link at the top of the screen.

Q: Why can't I find my bookmarks from Classic MetaLink?

Your Classic MetaLink bookmarks have been migrated to My Oracle Support as Favorites. The Favorites feature provides the same access to the Knowledge articles and SRs that you bookmarked in Classic MetaLink. In addition, Favorites enables users to flag additional items such as bugs, systems, targets, and projects.
Note: The migration of Bookmarks to Favorites depends on validation of the customer against their Oracle SSO account. Customers who did not create their SSO account before November 7 will not see their Bookmarks (now Favorites) initially. We are planning to run a weekly script to move Bookmarks to Favorites each week for approximately six weeks after the migration date. Customers who have registered or validated their SSO account after November 7 will see their old Bookmarks reappear as Favorites as we pick up the newly validated customers each week.

Q: Is a non-Flash version of My Oracle Support available?

Customers who require access to My Oracle Support in an environment that does not have Flash Player or who have accessibility needs, can use the HTML Option. The HTML option includes a subset of functionality found on the Flash version. For details on what is included in the HTML option, please see the My Oracle Support FAQ.

Q: How do I view the old Service Request number on my Service Request?

As part of Oracle's move to a single system for tracking SRs, SR numbers were changed.
You can view the Classic MetaLink SR number in the Legacy SR Number field in the SR views on My Oracle Support. To add the Legacy SR Number field to the Service Request list region click the table icon in the upper left hand corner of the list view. Select Columns > Legacy SR. You may sort on this field by clicking the column header.

Q: Why don't I see my Service Request profiles from Classic MetaLink?

Service Request Profiles were not migrated from Classic MetaLink. To create new SR profiles, click on More > Settings in the tab menu and select the Service Request Profiles section.

Q: How can I receive email notifications about SRs, Bugs, and Knowledge documents (by Products and Platforms) that I monitored through Classic MetaLink (through My Headlines) and My Oracle Support (through Hot Topics)?

You should continue to receive Hot Topics notifications that you set up in My Oracle Support before the upgrade. You must create new Hot Topic notifications for any notifications that you created in Classic MetaLink in the My Headlines section. To create new Hot Topics notifications click on More > Settings in the tab menu and select the Hot Topics E-Mail section.

For the end once more Oracle Metalink is dead. Long live Oracle support!


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