Friday, December 4, 2009

The Most Popular Articles and Downloads of 2009 by OTN

Today I get on mail Top 10 most popular articles and downloads in 2009. Here they are in brief listing:
  1. Installing Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control Rel 5 on Oracle Database 11g and Linux, by Mike Revitt
  2. High-Performance Oracle JDBC Programming, by Yuli Vasiliev
  3. Oracle RMAN Backups: Pushing the "Easy" Button, by Porus Homi Havewala (Oracle ACE Director)
  4. Tom Kyte: On Dynamic Sampling (from Oracle Magazine)
  5. Scripting Oracle RMAN Commands (from Oracle Magazine), by Arup Nanda (Oracle ACE Director)
  6. Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Architecture for Very Large Sites, by Porus Homi Havewala (Oracle ACE Director)
  7. Taking an Oracle ADF Application from Design to Reality, by Chris Muir (Oracle ACE Director) and Penny Cookson (Oracle ACE)
  8. Tom Kyte: On Constraints, Metadata, and Truth (from Oracle Magazine)
  9. High Performance and Availability with Oracle RAC and PHP, by John Lim
  10. Oracle ADF Development Essentials, by John Stegeman (Oracle ACE Director)

Full article with links to their interesting work may be found here.

Regardless I do not see me or any of people that I know, congratulations to all the authors. BRAVO!!

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