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Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Change many passwords in Toad connection file (outside Toad)

The problem

Many users that do use Toad intensively, have a situation that after regular change of some oracle user password, have to repeat the same in all occasions in Toad connection dialog one by one manually. If you have 50-100 databases with 5-10 connections (schemas) on each db this is a hell of a job. So when we have to change passwords, maintaining in Toad is practically impossible without manual work.

The solution

In Toad 13.1 people from quest has decided to allow to end users to manually change. Here are pretty straightforward steps: Find file:
%APPDATA%\Quest Software\Toad for Oracle\12.12\User Files\Connections.xml
"12.12" was mine Toad version, so actual path may vary in your case.
Open file in Notepad++ editor.
Copy one password value which is OK for named user you would like to change (regardless which database-only user is important)
Then start replace dialog in Notepadd++ and check "regular expression". Then put in search part
where "YourUsername" should be replaced with user that you really want to change in all occurrences. in replace part put:
where "new_password" is value that you previously put in the clipboard.
Choose replace all and that is all.

The end

This is not mine solution but the whole solution came from Michael Staszewski, from Toad forum.
Once again, thank you Michael

Hope this help someone.


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