Saturday, September 21, 2013

Toad has been released

Toad 12.1 has been released on Sept 19th 2013. Among many other new features (which I'm not aware of in this moment), I'd like to point to two things.

Install with update is available

It may not be so obvious, but now seems to be allowed update of some existing applications from Toad Suite. The trick is to place path of existing applications.
In a case you place same directory for toad, you'll be prompted that this is not possible. So After upgrade to 12.1 you have to manually uninstall Toad 12.0 version.

Trace File Browser

Next obvious impression is Trace file browser, which I use in past three months a lot. Seems to me this part has a huge progress which I may explain in next examples.

Automatic detection and highlighting of deadlock conditions

No limitation in trace file size

In 12.0 there was a big problem with loading bigger trace files, which caused a memory leak and crash Toad as well. This is now fixed. I have successfully analyzed (in one piece) trace files with 3.5 GB with 90.000.000 lines in it. For that I needed 12.5 GB of RAM. Here is live Toad memory usage of that case.
And even better, Toad allow you to analyze trace files segment by segment, what gives opportunity to perform same action on PC with smaller amount of memory as well as one with plenty of RAM.
If you want to read more blog articles on Trace File browser, here are some useful links:

The End

Regardless now Trace file browser fits in 80-90% trace file analyze, one thing seems to me can be done even more. In "Statement details" tab, I'd like to have fixed number of columns (at least one-"Sql statement", if custom number of columns is not possible). This will help a lot investigating rightmost columns and showing sql all the same time.
In this moment Toad beta has expired (14th September) so only living version is commercial one. Hope to find that released very nice and usable as I did and would participate a World's Toad Community for at least one member...
For those who are new or do not know which version suite them most here is the link to all version exposed in 12.x.
Hope this helps someone.


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