Monday, May 21, 2012

APEX installation verification script

The primary purpose of this script is to verify the validity of an APEX installation after an installation has occurred or before an upgrade. However, since it checks a number of APEX installation prerequisites, it may be useful to run prior to an APEX installation.
  1. Download apex_verify.sql
  2. This script should be run from sqlplus.
  3. This script must be run as SYSTEM in the database where APEX is installed.
  4. The output of the script (apex_verify_out.html) will be located in the ORACLE_HOME\bin directory where sqlplus was executed.
  5. The html output can be easily viewed by clicking on it which will bring it up in your default browser.

This script may be used for Oracle Application Express (formerly HTML DB) - Version and later and applies to any platform.

The output of this script is largely self-explanatory. The output will help verify the status of the APEX installation as well as the DB objects needed to support the installation. 

Hope this helps someone.


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