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Saturday, April 21, 2012

Oracle and Apex news

In last days Oracle has announced two pretty important news.

Oracle Application Express, Statement of Direction 2012

First of them is Oracle Application Express, Statement of Direction which tells us that Oracle is now really serious supporting Apex as technology leaving no doubts to anyone suspicious in this subject. Here two brief shortcuts from the document:
  • Oracle Application Express has a large and active installed base, with over 250,000 developers creating thousands of applications. Oracle recognizes the considerable investment in Oracle Application Express and remains committed to the long-term support of this product.
  • Future Investment As a key component of the Oracle Database, Oracle intends to continue enhancing Oracle Application Express. Oracle Application Express will be included with the next version of the Oracle Database as a standard database component. The Oracle Database Cloud Service is being built on the multi-tenant infrastructure of Oracle Application Express, and Oracle Application Express will be the standard development tool included with the Database Cloud Service.

Oracle Learning Library

Another news (at least for me) is WEB site Oracle learning library. The Oracle Learning Library (OLL) allows you to search for free online learning content. The content ranges from videos, tutorials, articles, demos, step-by-step instructions to accomplish a specific task to in-depth, self-paced interactive learning modules.

The content is developed by Oracle developers as well as trusted community members. New content is uploaded daily. Bookmark the OLL, and check out the Oracle Learning YouTube channel.

And interesting thing for Oracle Learning Library is that it is established on Apex technology.


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