Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bye bye IE6

These days, appeared a new website on the beautiful domain If you guessed that it was a countdown to shutdown Internet Explorer 6, you are not too far away from the truth. Specifically, the web is engaged in a kind of countdown to extinction of the browser and hated it at "less than 1%" market share. The funniest thing is that this is genuine Microsoft site.

On the web, on the occasion of the tenth anniversary of Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft recommends (and pray) that visitors will finally get rid of the plague of the Internet and nightmares every web programmers and designers. In addition to asking that all pages of denying support Internet Explorer 6, Microsoft's own browser wants to put an end to the education of visitors and their friends about what IE6 is garbage, giving the whole list of reasons.

So, for all new XP installations, which still exists a lot, I suggest firstly to go to where your can download all important software in first (harmless) touch with Internet.

So this small topic is contributed to MS which has once fair and right words about their software. Finally we have survived that!


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  1. Because this fits in this post, let me announce that the final, consumer-ready Internet Explorer 9 is available for download starting at 9:00 PM PDT at



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