Thursday, November 11, 2010

HROUG 2010

From 19.10-23.10, 15th HROUG conference took place in Rovinj, Croatia, but this time in beautiful hotel Katarina.

HROUG, what is abbreviation for Croatian Oracle Users Group, is annual meeting of Oracle users in Croatia.This meeting has it's purpose in several ways. People can see and hear some new stuff from Oracle technology, exchange their experiences, extend acquaintances and in all means see in short time Oracle Croatia market.

After every day's expert lessons, evening was fun for all ages. Atmosphere, as it is every year, through all 5 days, was really fantastic. This is big compliment to HROUG's spiritus movens, Mr. Davor Ranković (who is president of the HROUG board in the same time), Mr. Vladimir Radić (vice president of the HROUG board) and all others people involved in organization, who has done their maximum to feel us as good as possible.

This year I had two lectures/workshops and mine obligation was to post source codes of it on this blog.

Apex-authentication concept

Presentation from that lecture can be downloaded as Adobe .pdf file or as MS Office 2010 .pptx file.
Demo Apex application can be downloaded from this link. Import this app in any existing Apex workspace (in mine example it was "HROUG").
For the end import TOOLS schema expdp file, which can be downloaded from this link. Export is done with 11.2 database. To have consistent import first run tools_user.sql script which create TOOLS user. For all other details please look in log file from that ZIP.
After import place missing grants to user that exists in your database (if Apex app reside in different schema then "HROUG").

DBA tips and tricks

Presentation from that lecture can be downloaded from Adobe .pdf file or as MS Office 2010 .pptx file.
All of codes from this lecture is already published on mine blog.

Blocking session
Blocking records
Blocked package/procedure/function
"Real life" blocking session examples caught on mail, can be seen in MS Outlook 2010 .msg files stored inside ZIP file.

The End

When I got more time, I'll write a topic on theme "Secure auto login in Apex".
Until then... as always-Cheers!


  1. Hvala na održanoj riječi i kodu koji si podijelio.
    Svaka čast!

  2. Hvala na dokumentima sa konferencije. Nadam se da se iduće godine vidimo na HrOUG-u ;)


  3. @Anonymous
    Nemas beda!

    Ako bog da zdravlja i pameti!


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