Sunday, December 20, 2009

My aspires in 2010

Now when snow is taking place in my town and when weekend is at the end, I had a time to think more easy about year that ends and what should I'd aspire in new incoming 2010 Year.

To be honest, after some thinking and making some initial list, I've decided to search around the Internet to see what other people want.

Even thought this may be somehow unfair and maybe looks as a little cheating I see all common knowledge as the power to be shared to everyone...So why those ideas would not have affects on me in best positive way? After all I do choose them whether I like them or not-I see them as my decision.

After some time here is the final list (in no particular order) where I compressed the most important points:
  • Try to be a better person, parent, husband, friend and colleague.
  • Past Oracle certification (finally it is time to do that).
  • Try to smile at least twice a day from the heart.
  • Write better technical posts.
  • Loose in weight.
  • Find a more satisfying role.

With the same wishes to you ... until next topic in 2010 ...

Happy New 2010!


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Zagreb u srcu!

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