Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is you PC really fast...

Just to make it permanently. These days one thing is really fascinating me all the time.

First information come from a colleague of mine, Goran Cvijanović, CEO of VINTEH. Topic is about nVidia graphic cards based servers with TeraFLOPS CPU power. Core idea is to use nVidia graphic cards as main CPU. If one GeForce graphic card has cca. 200 Intel CPUs it is easy to imagine how much CPU power has server represented with 4 graphic cards in parallel (like on picture left). Such a server has 16GB RAM (4x4Gb each module) and you mount on it Oracle database and ... all you need to say is "Jaba Daba Duuu....".

All that for cca 9.000€ in total price....looks like a beautiful dream.

Sounds great... more read on Finance people will demand Gaming Cards in their PCs and nVidia GPU Technology Conference site where you can download some live presentations.

For those who has no time to read the article, let me cite one paragraph:
Here at Jedox we run TESLA hardware with 4 parallel GPUs (4 graphic cards op.a.) and 16 GB RAM in one server and it still scales almost linear. So this makes 20 x 4 x 5 = 400. A query that took 40 seconds to calculate on a CPU will be done in 0,1 seconds with GPU. Theoretically of course. Results in practice will be seen on CeBIT 2010.


  1. Where can I see prices?

  2. Well google with search pattern "tesla computer prices"

    One site example is here:



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