Thursday, October 22, 2009

HROUG 2009

From 13.10-17.10, 14th HROUG conference took place in Rovinj, Croatia.

HROUG what is abbreviation for Croatian Oracle Users Group, is annual meeting of Oracle users in Croatia.This meeting has it's purpose in several ways. People can see and hear some new stuff from Oracle technology, exchange their experiences, extend acquaintances and in all means see in short time Oracle Croatia market.

This year we have several special guests, like Denes Kubiček, first Croatian Oracle ACE, Francisco Alvarez Munoz, president of Chile's OUG community, and some others famous Oracle experts from around the world.
After every day's expert lessons, evening was fun for all ages. Atmosphere, as it is every year, through all 5 days, was really fantastic. This is big compliment to spiritus movens of HROUG, Mr. Davor Ranković (president of the board), Mr. Vladimir Radić (vice president of the board) and all others involved in organization who has done their maximum.

Regardless economy crise in Croatia, there were enough events for all of us and we promised that we'll met next year in a much bigger number on the jubilant 15th annual HROUG meeting.


  1. I hope i'll be there next year , so the "bigger number" would be even bigger ! :)

  2. Toni,
    Hope to see you too on this event....


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